I'd like to explain why we chose to sell cycling gear priced for those on a budget to you instead of going down the full high-end, custom gear with expensive price tags. The simple reason? Because that is what we want to buy. But let's go deeper.

No more $100 cycling jerseys

The reason was quite simple. As amateur cyclists since the early 90's, we didn't understand why a cycling jersey warranted a price tag of $100+. 

Now, with modern manufacturing techniques and how small the world has become thanks to technology, we wanted to provide a service and products that suited us.

The amateur cyclist, the commuter cyclist, the type of bike rider who likes to show some personality in their cycling gear. Our range and our prices want to serve you, because that is us as well.

eBay cycling jersey fails

I tried eBay back when eBay was the place to go, but the quality was hit and miss, and the sizing even more so. Half the time I looked like a half-squeezed tube of toothpaste due to how different cycling gear sizing can be.

Ever tried returning a wrong sized product through eBay? It's near impossible at times.

It is why we have a no questions asked returns policy and offer free exchanges on first purchases to Australian customers. 

Online Cycling Gear came about out of pure and utter frustration. Why wasn't someone providing great priced cycling gear and great customer service?

Most of us that work at OCG have kids and partners with expensive taste. Fronting up $100+ on a jersey wasn’t in the budget, nor was it good relationship advice so we had to do some exploring and get a little innovative.

We raised a small amount of funding to get going, learned to translate broken English as best I could to deal with suppliers across the globe, and here we are, running a successful online cycling apparel store stocking unique gear we want to buy, at prices we were prepared to pay.

Happy customers, happy store owners

The best part is seeing the pictures that come in, and even (I know this sounds crazy), processing the refunds and getting comments like:

Refund Screenshot

That was when we emailed a customer who we noticed ordered the same product in a size up and asked if they needed a refund on the first item. 

Fun but fashionable cycling gear

We like to have a little fun on the design front, though we are bringing more of the fashion cycling gear in as well, and after developing long-lasting relationships with manufacturers in Asia, we are weeks away from our own line of originals as well.


The main thing with Online Cycling Gear is you know you’ll be chatting with real people with a passion for the sport and understand the pain of cycling gear pricing. And like all good DJ’s, we do take requests.

Join us on Instagram, Facebook and come take me on in our OCG Strava Club if you love a bit of cycle gear porn. Look out for the "10% Off" badge on the screen to get notified of flash sales (and of course, to get 10% off your order instantly).

Safe riding.

The OCG Team