As our thousands of long-time customers around the world know, OCG is based out of offices in Brisbane, Australia.

While our unique manufacturing and shipping process means we can ship free anywhere in the world, there are some things that can still be done better in your home country.

So we are pleased to announce that Online Cycling Gear Australia has launched and is now live serving Australian customers.

What does that mean for Australians?

First the obvious. Branching to an Australian domain means we are able to serve the Australian market more directly. All pricing can be in Australian dollars with more accurate delivery times and better service.

Oh, and be ready to be experimented on as we roll out trials of free exchanges, premium shipping and more as we can now get direct, face-to-face feedback on how these things are working before rolling it out to the rest of the brand.

What does that mean for other countries?

Nothing! The OCG international brand, website and products remains exactly as they are, and in fact, through some experimenting on ways to make exchanges and sizing better locally, we will be able to roll those changes out even quicker now to the US, UK and other markets.

We can't wait to bring things like free exchanges, cheaper express shipping and more to the main OCG brand in coming months.

What's next?

OCG Europe? OCG Asia? The more we learn with each roll out, the closer we will be to serving each geographical area as true locals.

Ultimately, a land of free exchanges, local returns and sizing samples is where we want to be, and OCG Australia will let us discover the best way forward to get there before rolling out further.

So welcome Australian cyclists, ride safe, ride free and let us know what you would like to see in store.

The OCG Team