A month ago we announced we were upgrading our manufacturer to bring our sizing and cut more in line with what people are used to with European gear.

So far the feedback has been great and we continue to try to improve while keeping prices low.

To avoid confusion with our new range and sizing, we are putting our entire range of single sized items (over 100 of them in total) onto eBay to clear some space and focus on our new designs.

Remember, this is our previous range so sizes around one size smaller than our current range. They are all brand new, and of the same great quality, they are just sized slightly smaller.

You can see them all here ==> https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/buysellfreedom/m.html

They even include some items we can no longer sell in our Australian store such as:

  • Cookie Monster Cycling Jerseys - $34
  • MM's Cycling Jerseys - $34
  • Retro Jersey's and Kits - $34 and $59
  • Superhero Jerseys - $34
  • and more each day

Make sure you bookmark that address as we add new products every day over the coming week.

Express Shipping Included!

Even better, every item is here in Brisbane and includes FREE Australia Post 2-3 day shipping to anywhere in Australia (international paid postage available).

The catch? These items will not be covered by our usual OCG Australia exchange policy and no returns are allowed (except for damage or soiled goods of course as per standard eBay policy).

Being on eBay, these are open to anyone for purchase, but we thought we would let you know first.

So come and grab a bargain at wholesale prices before they all go.

Come grab a bargain ==> https://www.ebay.com.au/sch/buysellfreedom/m.html