Brian Jae-Soon Hwang - OCG Ambassador

Brian’s cycling journey started only two years ago when a friend suggested riding as a way to relieve the deep stress he was under from both work and his own. It worked, and cycling became one of the biggest fun factors in his life. The marketer and Korea-born New Zealander soon found another way to incorporate cycling into his day-to-day life.

“My office only has a minimal amount of car parking slots, so I decided to ride a bike to work instead of driving my car every day. It saves fuel costs and I also got rid of the stress of searching for a car park every morning.”

The decision had a positive impact on his health condition as well. Brian did not have any time to exercise before, but now exercises while commuting.

“In the beginning, I wanted to get rid of the stress of seeking a car parking slot every morning, but now it's more like I want to see how far and fast I can go with my own legs. I want to check my limit.”

Brian Jae-Soon Hwang - OCG Ambassador

For Brian, riding a bike means having fun, and he just can’t get enough of this sensation. He already established his goals. Last year, he came back to serious cycling and did about 1500 km. This year with his new bike, he wants to push himself further, riding about 2000+ km. His mother is one of his biggest supporters, always giving him the motivation he needs to keep going.

“Taking one more step may take me somewhere new and fresh. Nothing can be achieved without effort.”

But fun also comes with challenges. Now, he faces the rainy, humid weather of the Korean Summer… and mosquitos. To make sure Brian has a good time on his rides and keeps up his good performance, he needs high-quality apparel that provides weather protection while keeping him comfortable and the mosquitos away.


Whether Brian is commuting or discovering new fantastic trails in Korea, the right apparel will provide him the comfort and protection he needs to stay focused on the fun of cycling. We’ll help him get kitted out and follow him on his next adventures!

Brian Jae-Soon Hwang - OCG Ambassador