Alejandra Herrera - OCG Ambassador

When Alejandra Herrera was in a car accident that led to four surgeries and one year of physiotherapy, riding her bike became the fastest way to get back in shape and move around Santiago, Chile. Even though cycling was always a part of her life, during recovery it not only helped her stay active, it became a critical part of her self-connection.

“I was doing a common route, but I decided to do it without listening to music and just listening to my breathing and my legs. The feeling when I got to the top of the hill was amazing, I felt like I could do it all again with no problem. This encouraged me to keep on going and set higher limits for what I wanted to achieve.”

Alejandra Herrera OCG Ambassador

Cycling also helps Alejandra deal with her biggest challenge: anxiety. Trying to juggle a full-time job, spending quality time with family and friends, and being an amateur field hockey player in the national league in Chile can be overwhelming. However, riding helps her focus while finding balance in her busy schedule to stay happy and healthy.

“Cycling has taught me to be persistent, learn how to self-motivate, and listen to my body. I’ve had a couple of falls, fortunately with no big injuries, and they taught me to get up, learn and keep on going.”

Alejandra Herrera OCG Ambassador

“One of the things I like the most about cycling is the personal growth and achievement of goals. The feeling when you can surpass fatigue or exhaustion is so rewarding that it makes you forget about all your problems. Additionally, I love when you are going uphill and other riders give you support or greet you. At least in Chile, this happens a lot!”

For Alejandra, cycling is much more than going from one place to another. It’s all about living new experiences, discovering new places, and most importantly, tasting different types of food and beer along the way. She can’t wait to share the best tips with other fellow cyclists!

“There are two reasons why I ride. The first one is because it makes me feel good, even though sometimes I just want to quit when I’m doing a hard climb, but the feeling at the end is so satisfying that it’s addictive. The second one, which is the most honest one, is that I can eat what I want afterward and have a cold beer.”

Alejandra Herrera OCG Ambassador

In her adventures, Alejandra needs high-quality and personalized gear to make sure she is comfortable and enjoying the ride while feeling confident in the fun and creative designs she is wearing. We’ll join Alejandra in her next adventures, helping her get kitted out to make discoveries and share her amazing tips.


Exploring new routes around Santiago requires light and high-quality apparel to ensure long-lasting comfort. The OCG apparel with creative designs provides all the safety Alejandra needs while representing her sense of humor and love for sports.

Alejandra Herrera OCG Ambassador