Vernon Ivy - OCG Ambassador

Five years ago, when a friend asked Vernon Ivy to do a bike ride across Iowa, he didn’t think twice before saying “Sure!”. He didn't even have a bike, but he got one and did the ride. Since then, he’s been hooked.

With an adventurous personality, there is no physical exercise Vernon would pass. So, his main goal in life is to channel his determination to motivate folks to get up and out and get healthy. His tattoo is a reminder that says “Motivate 1. If you can do that, it'll spread like wildfire”.

For Vernon, cycling means being able to push himself to new goals and a time to relax. His first reason to keep riding is the fun. The second is to keep moving and exercising. Just him and the road!

Through cycling, he found a way to meet new people and see the world in a different way. Along with his friends and the support of his wife, Vernon runs, rides, and encourages everyone to stay motivated.

Vernon Ivy OCG Ambassador

“We push each other and encourage each other.”

Being able to push himself to go further and higher keeps him going. Vernon’s biggest cycling goal was to finally do a century ride, and last month he accomplished that during RAGBRAI, in Iowa. Now, it’s time to keep riding and establish new goals!

Even with all his determination, Vernon also faces those days in which he can’t find the motivation he needs to run or ride. That’s also a part of his cycling journey. Essentially, motivation is cyclical. Learning about its patterns and keeping a strong safety net is one of the best ways to keep on track. That’s when his wife’s support is even more important, helping him stay healthy and get back to his bike.

Vernon Ivy OCG Ambassador

When the challenges present themselves, Vernon always keeps in mind one of the biggest lessons cycling taught him. That pain is only for a little while. When you accomplish that cycling goal, you forget about the pain part.

Vernon’s Choices

For his rides, Vernon needs high-quality cycling apparel that ​​ensures protection and long-lasting comfort, while guaranteeing he stands out in the crowd in style. Check out some of his favorite OCG designs.

Vernon Ivy OCG Ambassador Favorite Choices