Claudia Bowen - OCG Ambassador

For Claudia Bowen, cycling is a passion that started out of curiosity after seeing her dad's 1970s Peugeot road bike in the garage. The bike he's had since college ended up being one of her favorites to ride in her young adult years.

Ever since she can remember, Claudia was always out and about, jogging, riding, and hanging out with friends. In her rides, she finds a different form of freedom. One that doesn’t require gas money and that she can enjoy according to her own rhythm.

“I can go as slow or as fast as I want, I can be out riding for hours or minutes. It’s my own time to do as I wish.”

After getting married and moving out to Arizona, Claudia took a hiatus from cycling. Now she is ready to hit the road again. Her biggest supporters are her family, as she finds herself inspired by the people around her and tries to be surrounded by positive, creative, and caring people.

Claudia’s biggest motivation is her health, physical and mental. Through cycling, she wants to be able to stay active in her golden years.

“I ride for my physical health as well as my mental health. It allows me to reflect on my path in life or think through any obstacles that I’m facing… all while getting in shape.”

Her current goal is to do her best to balance home life, work-life, and health. For Claudia, cycling and the discipline surrounding it is a great way to make sure that she takes time out for her health.

Claudia Bowen OCG Ambassador

“Cycling has taught me that you are in control of your own path; you can either pick your own pace and keep moving, or you can stop pedaling. The choice is yours.”

Now living in Arizona, Claudia faces a new challenge: the intensity of the Arizona sun. To keep up with her performance she needs high-quality long sleeves and long tights that guarantee her protection and long-lasting comfort.


For Claudia’s rides and commuting, she needs high-quality apparel that keeps her comfortable and protected. We will help her get kitted out and ready to make the most out of her adventures.

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