The great part of our unique relationship with our manufacturer is the unparalleled flexibility we have to release new designs almost daily.

It is this relationship that allows us to stock over 200 designs, make orders on demand, custom kits for clubs, events and charities and have no minimum order quantity.

It even formed a big part of our partnerships with great companies like Peugeot to sell their retro range.

We do this with free shipping worldwide and with over 10,000 pieces of apparel sent last year, we continue to use your support to get more innovative deals, like free jersey customisation (that will be coming back soon).

Chinese New Year Slowdown

There is one catch though. Chinese New Year.

It is the major holiday for our manufacturer as well as the shipping companies, and the entire country shuts down for a couple of weeks for their national holiday.

During this time, orders for jersey, shorts, bibs and warmers not already placed before the 19th of January will see much slower processing and dispatch times than normal, there is no sugar-coating it.

Any order of cycling clothing (leisure wear excluded) received between Friday the 19th of January and the 18th of February will have a processing and delivery time of around 21-35 days depending on how close to the end of the slowdown it is ordered.

Accessories such as sunglasses and gloves will be available until the 31st of January before a slow-down of 21-30 days applies.

We have placed a timer at the top of the store to help you understand when that time is in your local time zone.

But there is an up-side!

Luckily, there are still some options:

  1. On the 20th of January, we will be launching the first part of our leisurewear range of cycling inspired T-Shirts, Hoodies, Polos, Sports Shirts and more. These are all made and shipped from the USA, and will be processed as normal.
  2. We are VERY close to some exciting warehousing announcements. If all goes smoothly, the first part of that will come online during the slow-down period.
  3. If delivery times aren't as important, this just might be the perfect time to stock up for the next part of the cycling season in our annual Chinese New Year Sale starting soon.
  4. Thinking of getting custom gear for your club or riding group? This is a perfect time, with our designers getting a little less busy, we can use this time to make exactly what you need with no minimum order quantity. Just email us at to get started.

What about my orders already placed?

Any orders already placed before the 19th of January are unaffected by Chinese New Year as these will be made and sent in time. 

Thanks! Now Go Celebrate

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support across both OCG Global and OCG Australia the past 2 years. 

Come join us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest as we use February to create an entire range of gear designed, voted on, and named after you!

Oh, by the way!

If you have not celebrated Chinese New Year, you really must.

Head to your local China Town precinct if you have one and join in the festivities, it really is something! (that is coming from a 40 something Aussie bloke).

Ride Safe. Ride Free.

Adam, Founder OCG