New Sale Price + Buy 1 Get 1 @ 25% Off

For the next two weeks, we have closed our eyes, clenched the butt cheeks, and reduced our prices even further.

Not only that, if you add two or more of any cycling apparel, you will get the 25% off the second item!

So what's the catch?

Annual Slow-Down Sale

Over the last three and a half years, our unique relationship with our dedicated manufacturer and distribution partners has meant we can innovate in ways other apparel companies can't.

Oh, and it does mean we hold the largest single source design range out there. There is that.

This year we have brought in customization options, fast turn-around team orders (with no minimums), designs on request, the fastest-growing unique range available, and all at maximum production over the Christmas and New Year period.

The good news for those that have worked so hard for us over the past 3 years, and especially over the last month is now it is time for a rest as they celebrate Chinese New Year over the next couple of weeks.

Our team is still working (we are spread across the US, Australia, and Asia) so keep an eye out for new designs this week, and we are still here for any of your questions.

Stock Up For The Coming Winter Rides!

For the next two weeks, to celebrate the New Year and to acknowledge that it will take much longer than normal to manufacture and dispatch your goods, the entire store will go on sale in our annual Slow Down Sale.

Every year hundreds of cyclists use this time to stock up for the colder months approaching at crazy prices knowing they don't need the gear yet anyway.

During this time, orders will be manufactured and dispatched be much slower than normal, there is no sugar-coating it.

Any order received after 11am Sunday the 12th of January EAST and the 31st of January will not be sent until the end of the first week of February.

Not everything is delayed!

There is one exception.

All leisure and giftware (Cycling T-Shirts, hoodies, mugs, etc.) are all made and dispatched from Melbourne, Australia and are not affected.

We'll take this time to put the finishing touches on the new 2020 features, expand our leisurewear range and work on some brand new premium gear we think you will love.

What about my orders already placed?

Any orders already placed before the 12th of January are unaffected and will be made and sent as normal.

What's Coming?

2020 will be, without doubt, our biggest year yet! We have expanded the team, brought on new partnerships and are ready to launch some brand new features.

Such things as:

  • Brand new sports are coming! Some large, some more niche sports we have had so many requests for.
  • The OCG VIP program
  • Something super (super!) exciting around the Indoor Cycling space. It is super (did we say super?) secret as it has never been done before, so it is hush-hush for now
  • The continuation of our signature series, taking your requests and making them available for sale to you and the public
  • A dedicated team/event/custom order team that will open up what we do to these types of orders at prices you cannot beat elsewhere
  • New shipping options (we have already improved our free shipping to the USA and Australia by 25% over the past two weeks)
  • Wholesale is coming as well. If you are interested in getting in as an early adopter, email Adam at

Thanks! And Celebrate!

Thanks to everyone for the amazing support over the past 12 months.

Oh, by the way!

If you have not celebrated Chinese New Year, you really must.

Head to your local China Town precinct if you have one and join in the festivities, it really is something! (that is coming from a 40 something Aussie bloke).

Ride Safe. Ride Free.

Adam, Founder OCG