We have a couple of pieces of exciting news, but in case you are in a rush, here it is in bullet points:
  • All Men's jerseys and kits have moved to larger sizing
  • Bib improvements are partly here, and more are coming

OCG Men's range moves to larger sizing

After 18 months of nagging our manufacturer, and hearing your feedback in polls, emails and messages, we have finally done it!

From today onward, all men's jerseys and kits in the OCG store has moved up in size (a little like my stomach really).

While every apparel company has their own sizing and fit, we knew we sized smaller than many companies.

This caused confusion for you, and lots of returns for us. Well no more, and we still size all the way up to 6XL as well!

As of the time you read this, our sizing now comes into the same range as brands like Cavalo, DeMarchi, Endura, Primal and Rapha (check our sizing charts to see the direct comparison).

While we all "fit" differently, at least now fewer brain cells can be spent working out your size.

For those that have bought from us before (which is most of you), the change is simple.

What used to be our Large, is now our Medium. What used to be our Medium is now our Small and so on, all the way up to 6XL.

Bib improvements coming

This is not the end of changes coming, we are actively working on improving our popular bib fit and comfort.

Samples are here in the offices and we are shoe-horning all we can into the same price range.

Having already adjusted the chamois stitching to improve front protection, we now move to the leg grippers to add more comfort on long rides around the legs.

Safe riding, and have an amazing day!