So, you got a new bike for Christmas and you now have a bike you don't need. What are you going to do?

You want to keep it in the garage as a 'winter' bike or a 'training bike' but your wife is having none of that. You need to sell it. But what do you need to do before you can sell it?

Well, luckily you have come to the right place. Welcome to Online Cycling Gear - Australia's FREE guide to getting your bike ready to sell.

Read on as we detail our Five Hot tips for maximising your sale and getting the best bang for your buck.

Tip 1. Get a realistic picture of the value of your bike.

With so many bikes out there for sale knowing the true 'value' of yours can be quite difficult. When I say true value I mean what the buyers will most likely pay not what you think its worth.

A good starting point is 20% of the value of the original purchase price. If the bike cost you $2000 then start with $400 in mind.

From there do some research on the major bike selling sites and try and get a feel for what the same type of bike as yours are selling. You never know that 20% might start creeping up to 50% if your bike is in great shape.

After your research is complete you should be able to set a realistic price point. Remeber though, it's not what you think its worth but what the buyers do.

Tip 2. Get a service.

If you can do it yourself sweet. But why not support your LBS and swing on down and put the beast in for a service.

The shop will be able to change out any cables or worn parts and you will be able to say in your add. "freshly serviced".

While they're at it get them to put some new bar tape on and replace that old worn out fart chariot of a saddle you still have on there.

Tip 3. Measure the key parts of your bike.

The more information you can provide to a prospective buyer the better.

The last thing you want is for a potential sale to fall over because you forgot you swapped out the factory cranks with a set of 135 mm compacts.

Measure the head tube length, top tube and drops. Measure the width of the bars and height of the seat post. And don't forget the cranks.

From there compile them into a list and compare your list with other bikes for sale. If there is anything missing on your list take those as well.

Tip 4. Time for a bath

A clean bike goes faster and sells faster too. Science.

Wash all the key components making sure to keep bearings free of water. Wipe the bike down and give the chain some lube if the bike shop didn't do it already.

and the final tip for selling your bike is?

Tip 6. Take decent photos

Don't skimp on this part. A set of dodgy photos will seriously hurt all your hard work. Use natural lighting to make your bike stand out and try and make it the only thing in the photo.

Use blank or neutral backdrops and keep any distracting landmarks or figures to a minimum. Also, make sure to take close-ups of any scratches or dings and be open about them.

Again, the more information the better. Now you are ready to sell your bike.

There are many ways of selling your bike these days.

There are dedicated sites, social media platform or word of mouth. You could also contact your local cycling club and let them know about it.

Whatever road you decide to take just remember that Online Cycling Gear Australia will only take 5% of any sale you make. Kidding, good luck and hope you make a nice return.

Your missus can thank us later.